Over time, things have changed course, as things have a tendency to do.

First time visitors to the story should know the band is :

Dave Fisher: Voice, Guitar, Songs
Doug Shank: Bass, Voice
Jeff Prosetti: Drums, Percussion

The band began as a collaborative project between Doug and Dave in 2000 as a way for the two to continue to create new material while getting their careers off the ground, Doug as an music industry insider in licensing, and Dave as a recording engineer. When Dave received 5 hours' time in a NY studio as compensation for a re-wiring job, the pair recorded a 3-song EP. This was fitted together with an re-edited and re-produced track ("Pouring out Diane") from Dave's 1997 solo record, "Sifting", which appeared on a number of local "up and coming" compilations in the NYC area.

Things changed course again...Dave and Doug re-united with a college friend - Damon Hope, by now a professional drummer in the SF bay area- and over the new year's break in 2003/2004, hit the record button on some unrehearsed, impromptu sessions in Dave's apartment. Over the next year, Dave and Doug continued to hack away at the tapes from the session, layering together parts and arrangement ideas until a record began to take shape. With a record comes the need for support, and Jay Moran, an accomplished guitarist and video producer from VH1 and Jeff Prosetti, industry veteran drummer and percussionist (Bastards of Melody) joined the ranks to finish off the 2005 release "Radio Gasoline". The band became a force of nature on stage, playing to packed houses around New York within months of their first set.

Stay tuned through the static...